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Lightbody Integration 

The Basic Lightbody Integration work is designed to assist you in this transition process

This consists of a progression through different phases over 5-6 two hour sessions, as astral device removal can take 1-2 sessions to complete depending on how many are present. Also, no matter what other energy work you have previously received, as it is very unlikely to be the same as this, or where your ego perceives you are in your ascension process, you still need to follow this progression.

Session 1: Body Consciousness Realignment:

Our body’s consciousness is a separate, sentient being in its own right called the Keepers of the Human Legacy. Their job is to maintain us in maximum separation from God. This is to expand consciousness into unknown parts of Creation.

Do you feel?

  • Scattered and off balance most of the time?

  • Separate from your body and that it has a will of its own?

Your body consciousness is doing this to keep you separate from God and this creates conflict as your personality and soul are rising in frequency to reconnect to God..

Body Consciousness Realignment involves:

  • Establishing a communication channel with the Keepers

  • Changing the Keepers’ orientation so that they align with the soul and absorb the Higher Light.

As a result of doing this work you may experience:

  • Feeling more calm and grounded

  • Feeling more focussed and still

  • Spontaneous healing

  • Healing, meditation and all spiritual practices become easier

Session 2: Nephillim Consciousness Removal:

As part of the Creation of the Game of Separation, each human has an extra soul embodied in addition to the human soul.

Its purpose is to hold the illusion of being separate and disconnected from Divinity.

It is wrapped around the spinal column and will often create back pain and headaches when you hit a threshold of awakening. It creates a very strong feeling of resistance in your consciousness.

The removal procedure involves dissolving the contract between the Nephillim soul and your soul.

We do this by performing two vow breaks. The vows are specific to you and are channelled prior to the session. Once the vows are released, the Nephillim soul is removed. This creates the space for more of your Higher Self to embody. You may experience a great sense of relief and freedom, coupled with greater awareness and connection.

Sessions are available by zoom.

Session 3: Etheric Crystal Removal + Divinity Threshold Recalibration:

Etheric Crystal Removal removes limiting fifth-dimensional crystals that block multidimensional capabilities.

Are you experiencing some or all of the following:

  • Headaches/neck or back pain

  • Numbness/tingling

  • Fatigue/waking up tired

  • Heartburn/indigestion

  • Difficulty talking/comprehension

  • Weird or blurry vision

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Memory loss/spaciness

  • Disorientation/dizziness/shakiness

  • Feeling on the limit

  • A lack of grounding

These symptoms are caused by the presence of these limiting fifth-dimensional Etheric Crystals in your etheric bodies.

The purpose of the crystals is to create the feeling that we are separate from God by blocking these higher functions. The crystals get overloaded as more and more light pours into the body. This creates pressure and pain in the head and upper body.

As a result of doing this work you may experience:

  • Lifting of the ceiling on consciousness

  • Clearer thinking, and whole brain thinking

  • Better dream recall, lucid dreaming in dimensions higher than the astral plane

  • More focus, self confidence and centredness

  • Gentle or sudden openings in psychic or multi-dimensional perceptions. More multidimensional access and articulation

  • More experience of your Mastery and Divinity

  • Deeper communion with Spirit. It becomes much easier to follow and recognise a Spiritual Signature (Direction from Spirit)

  • Alleviation of physical pain. Spontaneous physical, emotional or mental healing

  • Out of body travel

Session 4-5: Astral Devices:

Divinity thresholds are 7th dimensional structures located in the pelvis, back and legs. Their purpose is to prevent Spirit from embodying below the ribcage.

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Chronic or recent pain in the pelvis, hips, lower back or neck

  • Digestive problems

  • Low life force, fatigue, depression, alienation, sudden emotional outbursts

  • Blocks in sexual or creative flows

  • Changes in the menstrual cycle and hormonal balance

  • Inability to bring Spirit into your body below the rib cage

  • Lack of centring and grounding

  • Difficulty unifying the lower and upper chakras

If so, then its time to have your Divinity thresholds removed.

As the Higher Light descends into the body it triggers primal survival patterns that are fear based. Eventually the Higher Light will awaken the Adam Kadmon/Divine Image of Man in our DNA. Removal of these Divinity Thresholds alleviates the above symptoms and allows our Spirit to more fully embody.

Session 5 or 6: Higher Light Integration +  Activation + Recalibration:

This work opens the DNA to accept more Light. It supports the building of the Lightbody and prepares the energy bodies for reunification with the Oversoul.

A grid-work of Higher Light is built on the surface of the physical body. This is connected to the physical meridian system and chakras. These in turn feed the Light into the internal meridian (axial) system to reach the DNA in every cell of the body.

This process may also help to relieve some of the symptoms of the below (if they are caught early enough):

  • Chronic Fatigue,

  • Fibro Myalgia

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Lupus

Optional Advanced Lightbody Integration follow-on sessions are also available as required:

Descension Integration:

Have you experienced any of the following:

  • Hot flashes

  • Flu-like symptoms which don’t turn into the flu

  • Crown chakra tingling

  • The world around you looking luminescent

  • Everything feeling new to you

  • Disorientation

  • Survival fears

  • Feeling that nothing is real

  • Living more in the Now moment or feeling like your molecules are expanding?

Ze-Yod Spectrum Alignment:

  • It reconnects the physical body to the higher dimensions

  • Activates the circuitry in the brain for whole thought reception and the ability to translate Light Languages

  • Activates your Divine Purpose

  • The chakras are aligned to resonate with the Adam Kadmon (Divine Form) allowing more of your Higher Self to embody

Karmic Matrix Reabsorbtion

Have you experienced:

  • A severe illness, accident, or deep depression

  • A choice of whether or not to stay on the planet

  • A nagging feeling that you may be very ill or dying

  • Feeling like you are in the Void

  • Feeling directionless

  • Feeling abandoned or betrayed by Spirit

  • Everything is over stimulating

  • Feeling like you cannot cope

  • Feeling like you need to run away

  • Feeling like you have gone backwards

  • Slogging through karmic stuff

  • Reliving childhood traumas or decisions

  • Dropping people and situations out of your life

  • Feeling like it’s time to make a major shift and feel stuck

  • Feeling a need to clear all the old stuff

If you are having most or of these symptoms it may be time to have a Karmic Matrix Reabsorption/Divinity Activation (KMR/DA).

If you are having the first four symptoms you may have experienced a “Reincarnation in the Same Body” where your soul contract has been upgraded.

  • This technique reabsorbs into The Source specific and general karmic energy patterning from all of your lifetimes at once without slogging through and processing all of the third dimensional experiences

  • Your Spirit decides which patterns are to be removed and which orientations of Divinity are to be infused.

  • This technique powerfully affects every person you have ever known, in this incarnation and in any lifetime, Often, your personal relationships shift immediately

  • Having a KMR session does not mean you can avoid engaging in your emotional transformation work. What it does is it accelerates and deepens it. So, meditate carefully about whether this work is right for you

Effects from this work, which may occur, are:

  • Freeing up of specific and general karmic patterning that is holding you back from moving to your next step

  • Major shifts in personal relationships. If a relationship is karmically based it is likely to dissolve

  • Relationships based on Spirit will strengthen

  • Complete and sudden life shift, any relationship or situation can suddenly go into crisis, release or disappear

  • Experience of an enormous amount of change in a very short period of time

  • Sudden personality/identity shift as a lot of the released matrix is self-karmic

  • Breakthrough into a vaster multi-dimensional reality

  • Descensions of Spirit, very common after a KMR, often very intense, lots of physical manifestations as Spirit shakes out a lot of density, stuck emotions and closed systems

  • Deep sense of freedom and completion of the old game of separation from source, with a whole new level of vision and determination emerging as your old reality disappears and a new world is simultaneously born

A Higher Dimensional Space Clearing (HDSC) is the process of clearing the negative energy interference around a physical or energetic space, e.g. a house or the energies of a business, that are blocking the owners energies from moving forward in their spiritual growth or mission here on Earth.

The Law of Opposites manifests resistance to us moving forward in consciousness when we are about to make a break through. This takes the form of the Matrix trying to stop us raising consciousness too fast by blocking us when we hit certain threshold levels of consciousness. e.g.

  • A house sale gets held up just when it looks like it was about to go through

  • Lots of barriers are thrown up to moving out of a property

  • A spiritual business starts to suddenly slow down when it was going really well.

  • An individual is cutting a new pathway within the Earthly Matrix designed to bring in new frequencies or a new paradigm and starts to experience a lot of external interference in the form of things slowing down or just not working at all.

  • A HDSC uses an adaption of the Karmic Matrix Reabsorbtion process on a physical or higher dimensional space to clear out the interference wherever it resides.

Specialist sessions address the following if required:

Walk-In Integration:

What is a Walk-in?

A Walk-in is a method of soul entry for a service soul to incarnate into a physical body and for the first soul to leave (walk-out). A service soul being defined as one who has come to Earth to bring in higher frequencies. When a Walk-in occurs it’s at a pre-determined time & location agreed with the first soul to ensure the optimal astrological configuration is achieved.

If a high frequency service soul chose a mother vehicle with significantly lower frequencies than itself, a miscarriage would occur due to the incompatibility of frequencies. Instead a soul of more compatible frequencies incarnates first, grows the body and personality as it is quicker for the Walk-in soul to move into an existing body than to have to grow one from scratch. This is a high form of service for the first soul who leaves all experience behind so the personality remains fully functional.

Individual Walk-in experiences are quite unique

Usually there’s a try on period of days or weeks where the new soul tries out the body which can feel like someone else is hanging around or a loss of time. Most Walk-ins used to occur in children and were usually unconscious. However, increasing numbers are occurring in adults, many of which are fully conscious, as people are now more capable of coping with this process.

The first soul often manifests physical or emotional trauma

The first soul often manifests physical or emotional trauma to disrupt the person’s habitual patterns, for example an illness or accident. This allows the Walk-in soul to integrate more deeply into the body’s consciousness. Prior to this the person can feel a sense of completion with the old life and can spend time saying goodbye to people they have been close to. This can be quite difficult on those close to them who can feel as if they are being emotionally abandoned.

The old spiritual, mental and emotional bodies are released

The old spiritual, mental and emotional bodies are released and new ones from the incoming Walk-in soul are infused. It is the physical body consciousness that maintains continuity. When the person looks at their life experiences they view them with emotional neutrality as if someone else lived them. Unsatisfactory relationships and situations are usually resolved quickly.

A Walk-in provides a boost to the latent potential of the personality

A Walk-in provides a boost to the latent potential of the personality, which initially appears to remain the same. However, the Walk-in soul begins to re-mould it and personality and preference changes start to manifest as it tries to find an optimal configuration in order to fulfil its purpose in coming to Earth. This change can be difficult for family and friends who want the personality to remain as it was before the Walk-in. Generally the personality becomes a lot more focussed and driven after a Walk-in experience, especially in children.

Having its original soul walkout feels exactly like it’s dying

From the body’s view point, having its original soul walkout feels exactly like it’s dying as it’s the same process where the soul withdraws all of the life force energy from the cellular structure into the central core of light and exits through the crown chakra. Immediately afterwards the Walk-in soul enters in a reversal of this process.

The body can try to reject the Walk-in soul

As the body has not had this experience before and still believes it is dying it can try to reject the Walk-in soul. This can manifest as rheumatoid arthritis, partial paralysis and allergies, depression, a general feeling of grief or wanting to die. All of these occur because it takes time for the soul to fully integrate into the body and for the body to release the old emotional patterns and pictures of reality of the first soul. This can lead to the personality feeling somewhat schizophrenic at times.

If a person is not aware then it can be very confusing

The emotional acceptance of what has occurred is the most difficult part of this process for the personality of a Walk-in who is consciously aware of what has happened to them. If a person is not aware then it can be very confusing. It is important to allow all of the feelings that come up, especially the grief, to be processed.

Walk-ins have a new life purpose

Walk-ins have a new life purpose, which builds on the foundation of abilities developed by the first soul. Unconscious Walk-ins usually have a strong feeling that there’s something special for them to do in life. If only they knew what it was, so they start searching for it. This can be very frustrating, as conventional third dimensional reality goals just don’t fit. Their purpose is gradually revealed over time, which allows for integration to occur more gracefully.

Conscious Walk-ins are usually up and running immediately and it can feel like being reborn again. If the body is finding it hard to integrate the new soul it can be quite disorientating. Short-term memory loss often occurs in these cases as the brain functioning takes time to adjust to the new soul’s mental body. Often they will burn out trying to do too much before full mind, body, spirit integration has occurred.

It is most important to be gentle with the physical body and to help its consciousness understand that it was especially 

Multiple Sclerosis+Lupus

Chronic Fatigue+Fibro Myalgia

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