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Life Enhancement Acupressure Program (LEAP)

LEAP practitioner uses a muscle biofeedback as a tool to identify the stress, or “block”, in the particular brain nuclei and the specific areas that have blocked the integrated brain function.  The application of acupressure techniques and other energetic modalities result in clearing of the blockages, which resynchronizes brain function, leading to the integrated state and optimal mental performance.


“A unique concept in Applied Physiology using direct biofeedback from muscle monitoring or kinesiology is termed acupressure formatting.  An acupressure format is a combination of acupoints that when stimulated at the same time creates a unique “energetic signature” for various structures and functions in the brain. Information about the levels of “stress” in these brain structures can then be identified by direct muscle biofeedback or kinesiology, and then various acupressure treatments may be employed to “release” this energetic stress with normalization of neural function'' - Charles T. Krebs. 


Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program (LEAP) was created in the late 1980s by Charles Krebs who worked with a team of clinical psychologists, speech pathologists, neurologists and other health professionals to develop an effective program to correct most learning difficulties.  Very quickly it became apparent that the Brain Integration, a basic component of LEAP, constitutes a fundamental function on many different levels.  In a way, our entire life is a continuous process of learning, and our success is often determined by how well we learn and integrate our life experiences. 

 The intricate mental processes that we experience every day require not only an access to specific brain functions, but also their integration and synchronization.  Whether having to do an academic task such as spelling, math, and reading or having to make an effective decision either in business or in your life, we need the different structures, pathways and functions of the brain not only to be accessible but also precisely timed and synchronized.

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